Saturday, September 6, 2014

Floral blouse with jean shorts

September is here and that means that I (unfortunately) have to return back to school in Hamilton and live on my own. I recently moved into my new student house which has an amazing, beautiful backyard and porch so I'm taking advantage of the beautiful scenery while I can!

It was pretty hot and sunny outside which made it difficult to take some good photos as every photo of me smiling looked like I was in pain (LOL). I had to resort to more "serious model-esque" photos" AKA looking serious while facing down at the ground, side, and basically everywhere else but the camera.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Nail Art Sunday: Bumblebee Nails

Today's Nail Art Sunday showcases my bumblebee nails, inspired by BubzBeauty's nail art tutorial on Youtube. If these nails look familiar, I created these nails before in 2011 after seeing BubzBeauty's tutorial but I wanted to remake them for my blog since my blog didn't exist back in 2011.

To see how I created these nails, read more!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Skincare: NIVEA Body Milk

I really love using lotion and creams. I love the way they're able to nourish dry skin back to health and how cute the packaging is! I don't particularly care if they have a scent or not although sometimes the cream having a scent can be a downside, especially if the scent is strong and I'm in close proximity of other people (e.g., in class) in which case I would opt to use a weaker scent or no scent at all.

One cream in particular that I discovered and fell in love with is NIVEA's Extra Nourishing Body Milk. My first bottle of this cream was actually a sample from a nearby pharmacy at my university. The pharmacy was giving out huge bags with samples from different companies to promote their store and I managed to snag one of them!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Banana Republic - 40% Off Full-Priced Styles!

Banana Republic is hosting a 40% off full-priced styles online and in-store for the next two days (until August 17)! See below for some of my favourite items and a Sloan dress I tried on that I absolutely adored.

Favourites (click to view in-store)

Lastly, I actually took a trip to Banana Republic the other day and found this Sloan dress that I loved from the Petites section.

Sloan Sheath dress from Banana Republic (offered in regular and petite sizing): here
Unfortunately, the price was too much for my little student budget, even now with 40% off. Additionally, it was very difficult to put the dress on especially with the zipper and the sleeve area that goes over your shoulders.  I have issues with zipping things up from the back so I couldn't zip up the dress all the way without help. However, that is a "me" issue and not necessarily a "you" issue! So if you like this dress you should definitely check it out. (My dad also told me that he knows someone who can make that exact dress style for me for a cheaper price!)

Enter the code BRWEEKEND at checkout or print out this coupon to show in-stores. The sale says it's only for full-priced items; however, a user on RetailMeNot (a coupon site) said that the code worked on a sale item so don't be afraid to try out the coupon even if you're purchasing sale items (it can't hurt to try!).

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Little Black Dress for a Casual Day Out

Hi everybody! Today I wanted to show you a little black dress that I got from H&M for the BEAUTIFUL sale price of $9! The second I saw this dress on the rack I had to try it. It fit perfectly for my frame as well which was a huge plus for me considering my size (yes! no alterations!).

Continue on for more photos & my styling explanation!

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